Virtual Mgr and Quantmed Ltd Announce Partnership Commencing Q2 2021




April 28, 2021


Virtual Mgr and Quantmed Ltd Announce Partnership Commencing Q2 2021

Virtual Mgr is excited to announce its partnership with Quantmed to serve the UK healthcare, food service and labor industries. Quantmed will introduce our key products – including HealthClean, SmartClean, and FoodSafe – to the market in an effort to bring customized remote management solutions to companies across the UK.

Tony Morocco, CEO of Virtual Mgr, is enthusiastic about the collaboration: "I am very excited to grow our footprint globally and within the UK markets. A true partnership hinges on alignment and Quantmed fits that mold due to our synergistic vision, services and solutions. We know the future will be bright together and look forward to working with Dan Legg and his team."

Alignment, as mentioned above, is one of Virtual Mgr’s four core values. Partnering with Quantmed fits into our core values, which also include Respect, Integrity and Family. Keeping in line with our values is important to us, and we firmly believe that Quantmed will ensure Virtual Mgr expands while maintaining the values that define our company culture.

“We’re excited to work with Virtual Mgr and introduce their platforms to the UK market” says Dan Legg, CEO/Founder of Quantmed. “We are passionate about digitizing the UK healthcare market and are keen to demonstrate the proven benefits of Virtual Mgr’s platforms, such as HealthClean and FoodSafe.”

Virtual Mgr develops fully automated workforce software with compliance in mind. Virtual Mgr software platforms create a more efficient, productive, and quality-controlled workflow solution. Virtual Mgr’s culture of growth is built upon a team of professionals focused on service, strategy and innovation.

Quantmed partners with global technology businesses as their software as a service (SaaS) reseller in the UK market. Quantmed provides an end-to-end sales and marketing function from prospecting to close of sale, as well as supporting the implementation process.
Quantmed currently has partnerships with 4 businesses founded in the UK, US and Australia all supplying non-compete innovative solutions that drive efficiencies, provide value for money, and simplify tasks for the end user.

To learn more about Virtual Mgr’s suite of products and to schedule a demo please visit our website: