Digital HACCP Solutions for Food Safety Compliance

Are you consumed with paperwork, manual logging and chasing down checklists during food audits? With FoodSafe, supervisors and executive chefs can assign tasks to food outlets or specific staff to make kitchen management easy with a real-time data logger through the FoodSafe Dashboard. Virtual MGR created FoodSafe based on HACCP guidelines to be a comprehensive food safety platform dedicated to improving preparedness for response to prevention of foodborne diseases within both the regulatory and industry workforce. 

Using HACCP compliant wireless temperature probes, food service managers can be confident their commercial kitchens, cafeterias, or other food service outlets are compliant and running efficiently and safely. With FoodSafe, you can monitor your operations and drive compliance through real-time dashboards. When FoodSafe determines there is an issue, it will immediately flag the facility with the additional capability of creating follow up actions based on any failed tests to record due diligence and mitigate risk,

Key Features of FoodSafe

Customizable for
HACCP Compliance

Digitize food safety plans and audits to match existing or desired layout, reduce initial employee training, and increase familiarity upon implementation of the FoodSafe application.

Wirelessly Monitor Equipment
& Food Temperature

FoodSafe ensures businesses obtain real-time quality inspection and verification that all food and drinks are within safe temperature ranges, and all temperatures are unable to be falsified.

Remotely Assign
Corrective Action Plans

Assign automatic “Corrective Action” tasks to rectify any failed temperatures before alerting the site supervisor of the non-compliance.

Powerful Workflow Solutions

Real-time Data
& Dashboards

Using HACCP compliant, wireless temperature probes, FoodSafe ensures businesses in the food service and hospitality industries obtain real-time quality inspection and verification that all food and drinks are within safe temperature ranges. This aids in mitigating risk and exposure for your organization.

Food Safety Audits
at Your Fingertips

Remove paperwork, manual data logging, and searching for checklists during necessary food audits. With FoodSafe, supervisors and executive chefs can generate automated and customized audits based on the selected criteria to keep each outlet HACCP compliant and always running efficiently.

Advanced Analytics
& Reporting Features

FoodSafe enables management and executives to measure site performance and efficiencies through detailed and customizable reporting to assist with critical decisions to improve their operations. Supervisors can focus less on administrative tasks and more on providing quality of food and service to their patrons.

“With Virtual MGR we have seen a ROI within 4 months. There is no other product out there that can do everything that this product can do. Easy to use, supports management and senior leadership with robust reporting.”

Mark S. Orloff, M.D., Director of Medical Facilities – University of Rochester

“Virtual MGR's FoodSafe tool assists our team in having real-time visibility into daily operations, performance and compliance while also enabling seamless monitoring and recording of all food safety processes. Less cumbersome and time-consuming than a traditional paper-based process.”

BIKASH RANDHAWA, COO – Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP)

“Your selfless dedication to excellence has allowed us to present our facility as the innovator using groundbreaking technology that is revolutionizing the EVS industry.”

EVS TEAM – University of Virginia

“VirtualMGR is an absolute game changer for our operation. Within seconds we can see what every employee is doing at that moment, how many tasks they have remaining, and we can pull reports to track the productivity of each employee and shift that way we can recognize our top performers.”

David Duthu, Assistant Director – North Mississippi Medical Center