Address Public Area Cleanliness Issues & Track Response Metrics

QuickResponse allows staff, visitors and guests to collaborate on keeping your building environment safe & clean. QR Codes are strategically placed throughout highly visited areas to allow instant reporting of issues in the surrounding spaces.

A simple scan of the QR code brings up a customizable list of commonly reported items, and with one click the issue is dispatched to the designated department.

Key Features of QuickResponse

Enhance High Priority &
Public Area Cleaning

QR codes placed in high traffic public & private areas (like lobbies, restrooms and on-call rooms) encourage visitors & staff to alert housekeeping staff of cleanliness issues, allowing them to quickly and efficiently respond.

Clinical Staff Engagement

Nurses and clinicians can seamlessly communicate with housekeepers through QR codes placed in staff work areas and nurses stations.

Insight Into Commonly
Reported Issues

Hospital teams can gather data to identify common times and locations of QR alerts. Through trend tracking, staff can adjust their cleaning schedules in these recurring areas to better service the facility.

Feedback & Request Management System

Integrate with QUICKRESPONSE

QuickResponse app
QuickResponse app