The Covid Pivot - Precinct Innovators Get Creative

It was only back in February (but feels like years ago) that we brought you the success story of Virtual Mgr, a compliance-based software company that specialises in providing enterprise-level software to manage cleaning, food safety and other risk and compliance issues for large organisations.

Having already deployed their software into hospitals and aged care facilities in the United States, based from their global headquarters at Cohort and a US office in Rochester, New York, the pandemic has proven a major opportunity to pivot into simpler software that can be quickly introduced into smaller organisations and temporary hospital facilities, with added tracing abilities.

Utilising some of the smarts of their premium Health Clean product they quickly developed a Smart Clean app designed to track COVID-19 cleaning, along with a Smart Shield app for movement tracing that rely on QR codes to track and trace.

“It’s an instant and cost-effective solution, ” explains CEO Anil Patel.

We’re now in 28 hospitals representing 130 buildings in the US; the Queensland Government has had the confidence to utilise the app in their Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct buildings; and we are working with a major Australian sporting organisation to use our SmartShield suite of products at their events, so watch this space.

We’ve actually hired more people and launched in the UK, which we were planning to do pre-COVID, and so far it has gone well.”


Above article was written on on 12 June 2019