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  • 48 hours/day gained in staff productivity
  • $325,000+/year in savings
  • ROI in less then 5 months
  • Piloting 200 assets (phase 1), 3,000 assets (phase 2)


The University of Rochester Medical Center is a recognized national leader in healthcare and one of the largest, and most well-respected, medical treatment and research facilities in Upstate New York. Virtual Mgr is honored that they have selected HealthClean to support improvements in cleanliness scores, EVS employee productivity and to help them reduce EVS costs.


The University of Rochester Medical Center identified the data management and reporting engine as the most powerful aspect of HealthClean. It enables the creation of benchmarks to help compare performance against pre-defined institution and industry standards. HealthClean delivers data and critical management metrics so healthcare administrators can more fully understand how time is being spent in their facilities, ultimately helping them take better control of their budgets, staff and resources.


Specifically designed for the healthcare market, HealthClean is completely cloud based and is built around drag-and-drop functionality. It operates across a wide variety of platforms and devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. HealthClean is completely customizable to support the specific needs and goals of a healthcare institution, and it can support both English and Spanish with additional languages available through download.

The setup of HealthClean included critical features such as the ability to create and schedule tasks and provide real-time updates, including geo-location, and time-stamping of task completion. HealthClean allows tasks to be distributed evenly across the workforce and among peers. This helps promote greater accountability, since staff must electronically sign off on the work as it’s completed.


  • Scheduling methodology adjusted from Zone Cleaning to Team Cleaning, saving 2hr in travel time per floor per day
  • Nearly 1 hour of additional productivity was gained per day across 80% of the workforce (48 hours/day!)
  • $325,000+ year in staff labor savings
  • Temporary employees were no longer required to supplement
  • One vacant supervisory position was placed on permanent “hold”
  • The amount of troubleshooting and customer complaints down drastically (-45%)
  • Automatic collection of documentation and record “events”
  • Identified and resolved maintenance issues quickly
  • Staff empowerment, performance metrics and personal accountability “priceless
  • ROI less than 5 months including startup costs
  • With Virtual Manager we have seen a return on investment within 4-5 months, with that being extremely conservative. It is almost impossible to add up all the efficiencies that this can bring to an organization. There is no other product out there that can do everything that this product can do. It is easy to use, supports management and supports senior leadership with the reports that are provided.

    Director of Operations - University of Rochester Medical Center

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