Shield your Environment & Protect your Workplace with SmartShield

Ensure safety of employees and visitors by capturing wellness data and documenting personal temperatures without making contact.

Understand SmartShield in 30 seconds:

3 Simple Steps:


Visitor/Employee reports to front desk on arrival


Screening questions asked & temperature taken from safe distance


Pass or Fail shown instantly, SMS & email alert if “At-Risk” person detected

Giving Businesses The Answer To The Questions:


How do I get my employees in the door safely?
How do I get my Customers & Visitors in the door safely?

Control In-flow Traffic

  • Single check point
  • Checklist and Wellness Questions
  • Personal Temperature Taken

Real-Time Data

  • Instant Results
  • Management Dashboards
  • Detailed Reports at your fingertips

Safety and Protection

  • Mitigate potential risk
  • Protect those on site
  • Ensure a safe environment

A simple process for companies to check the wellbeing of Employees and Visitors by monitoring their health.


SmartShield is a simple health checklist that records temperatures while keeping a safe distance from each other during the process.



  • Individuals will answer questions related to their travel and well-being


  • Once done, their temperature will be recorded via an Infrared Thermometer


  • Based on the questions and temperature the Individual may be flagged for further medical attention 


  • Rapidly deploy on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad


  • Assist health officials if a visitor through your premises later tests positive using easy reports

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