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Easily record cleaning progress with dispersed labor across multiple
locations all by integrating QR codes

Our Easiest Setup Ever

  1. Place QR Codes
  2. Download App
  3. Launch Instantly

SmartClean’s simple adoption is key to give management ultimate visibility on staff performance and remotely manage busy departments.


Instantly validate task completion real-time with digital records and reports at your fingertips.

SmartClean in 49 Seconds:

Quick and Easy Installation

Virtual Training
Place QR Codes in Building(s)
Download App
Low Cost

Real-Time Data and Reporting

Scan QR Codes to Record of Assigned Areas
Improve QA Process
Access to Robust Reports

Productivity & Sustainability

Significant Time Savings
Easily Identify Productivy Gaps
Reduce Paper by Digital Process

Simple Workflow


SmartClean assists your team by enhancing workflow practices and allowing team members to get credit for tasks completed.


A special QR code is placed on each room or area scheduled for cleaning, high importance areas can be identified and labeled to provide assurance that key locations are cleaned.


Team members will scan in and out of rooms or areas during their shift, providing managers with real-time progress, date and time stamps, location of each clean and which employee performed the task.


SmartClean data collection is critical to make smart decisions with labour and easily share reports internally or with facility leadership.

Easy reporting making it simple and easy to uphold quality standards and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with cleaning quality.


Understand entry and exit times, time spent per cleaning, critical cleaning task completion, travel time per team member, all with the touch of a button


Boost efficiency levels and remotely manage staff with SmartClean

Let’s Get Started.

Enjoy our easiest setup process yet:


  • 2 Phone Calls or less
  • Up and running in no time!
  • Training Videos provided to Staff and Management
  • Guidance from Project Manager for all phases of setup
  • Quick turnaround once kit is delivered

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3 months
Return on investment

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Get smart about your cleaning operations and gain valuable insights into your workforce with SmartClean.

Our SmartClean team moves fast, Get your Welcome Kit in 3 days assumes the postal teams move as fast as we do.

  • Virtual Manager has given us an incredible insight into our field based activities, we can see daily jobs being completed in real-time and can provide up to the minute feedback to the public. Our team feels more empowered and it is reducing our daily workload significantly. In addition, Virtual Manager had an incredible ROI of less than a month.

    Ryan Jones Facilities Director - The Advanced Group