Your complete suit of armour to protect your workplace, community and loved ones

Ensure safety of employees, visitors and your community by enabling a powerful set of tools to prevent, measure and identify contagions in your environment.

3 Powerful Tools:

Screen your employees to help monitor their wellness

Easily and quickly monitor cleaning activities in your workplace

A virtual visitors book to identify spread in the event of contact

SmartArmour is a powerful set of tools that work together in protecting your employees, workplace and everyone around you. Get access to data for every part of your business at your fingertips.


With SmartArmour you will be able to access:


• Employee and Visitor Check-in and Wellness questions with personal temperature taken while maintaining safe distance.


• Digital data of room cleaning history. By assigning QR codes to important areas, employee’s can scan in and out documenting the type type of clean and the day is was completed.


• Keep log of entry and exits through your sites and important areas with vistors documenting their recent contact with COVID-19.


Armour your Workplace, Shield your Environment, Record cleaning progress and monitor the wellbeing of others with SmartArmour.

As Seen on 7 News:

Armour yourself and shield your workplace. Inquire today and stop the spread tomorrow.