Virtual Manager Partners are an extension of our team, enabling organizations across the globe to achieve real-time operation insight and instant access to data to achieve better results across multiple verticals. We have a number of partnership opportunities available to suit all types of businesses.

Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners essentially purchase one of our existing products or combine a number of features from various products to create their own unique software platform. The product is white labeled, using the company’s own brand and theming. Virtual Manager is responsible for the engineering, development, and implementation of the platform. An ongoing service fee is charged for continued hosting and support of the software.

Alliance Partner

An Alliance Partner is a partnership created with another enterprise that shares similar values to the Virtual Manager organization. As opposed to purchasing the software, Virtual Manager shares an agreed percentage of revenue with the partner. Under an Alliance Partnership, Virtual Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, hosting and support of the software. The Alliance Partner is responsible for marketing and ultimately sales of the product, using their networks and existing clientele.

Referral Partner

Virtual Mgr recognizes that one of the most important aspects of business is the power of networks. Our Referral Partnership opportunities, empower consultants and individuals to leverage their networks to promote the Virtual Manager products. Our Referral Partners receive an ongoing commission based on the agreed percentage at the time of sale.

If you are interested in becoming a Virtual Manager Partner, feel free to Contact Us.

Current Partners