Virtual Mgr Announces New Reseller Partnership with Geerpres

Prominent Commercial Cleaning Product Provider Now Offering Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Environmental Services Platform

Platform Helps Building Service Contractors Increase Efficiency, Lower Costs

Rochester, New York-based Virtual Mgr, which provides a technology platform designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of how environmental services (EVS) are delivered in healthcare facilities, announced today that it has entered into a reseller partnership with Geerpres, a major provider of commercial cleaning products for the healthcare industry.

Muskegon, Michigan-based Geerpres which manufactures innovative cleaning products and supplies for health care, building service contractors and EVS teams will now offer their customers Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Environmental Services platform.

Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro EVS platform helps clients manage staff across dispersed locations. The platform’s unique app tells clients when and where tasks were completed and how long they take to complete. Live data gives managers and executives unprecedented access to cost savings, compliance, quality improvements and employee satisfaction, all with a few clicks from their mobile devices and tablets. As a result of using the HealthClean Pro platform, the performance of environmental services can be vastly improved, while costs can be reduced by 10 percent or more.

Geerpres sees Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Environmental Services platform as an ideal complement to the industry-leading microfiber mops and other cleaning products it already provides to leading building service contractors in the health care sector.

“Partnering with Virtual Mgr brings together two incredible tool sets for environmental service managers in the health care industry,” Geerpres President Scott Ribbe said. “For decades, our customers have benefited from the productivity and product cost savings derived from using Geerpres’ patented self-dispensing, flat mop applicator systems, which save up to 70 percent in time and 40 percent in product usage and offer excellent ergonomic benefits to personnel. Now, these same customers have the opportunity to use Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Environmental Services platform to further enhance the productivity and accountability of their cleaning staff. It’s a great 1-2 punch. We have the cleaning equipment and they have the platform to help customers make the process of using our equipment more efficient.”

By offering Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro Environmental Services platform, Geerpres is further aiding their end customers in achieving their ultimate goal — quality care for patients, increased Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems scores and reduced health care-associated infections.

“Health care facilities — and the building service contractors that service them — are extremely focused on outcomes like increased HCAHPS scores and reduced HAIs,” said James Van Thof, vice president of sales and marketing for Virtual Mgr. “Virtual Mgr’s HealthClean Pro EVS platform can be a key tool in improving the performance of health care facilities and the efficiency and productivity of the companies that provide these facilities with cleaning products and environmental services.”

Van Thof added that this announcement — and recent news that several leading commercial cleaning companies that service the health care industry are also using the HealthClean Pro Environmental Services platform — is evidence of Virtual Mgr’s continued growth.

“Since launching the HealthClean Pro EVS platform in early 2016, the response we’ve had from clients and prospects has been exciting,” Van Thof said. “And when a company like Geerpres signs on to resell our product, we know that’s a new level of endorsement. This is a leading firm that strives to offer their customers the very best cleaning products and tools. Being a part of their product offering is a real honor for Virtual Mgr.”

About Virtual Mgr

Virtual Mgr is headquartered in Australia, where it has focused on working with clients in the commercial cleaning, healthcare, energy, oil, and petroleum sectors since 2012. The company opened a U.S-based arm, focused exclusively on the healthcare industry, in early 2016. For more information, please visit

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