Know your obligations – Fair Work Ombudsman victory in Victoria

Victorian cleaners are rejoicing after the Fair Work Ombudsman manages to recover $37,754 for 23 cleaners for underpaying of toilet cleaning allowances. This case isn’t the only one thats appearing in the media with news of employees being underpaid in accordance with the Cleaning Services Award 2010.

WA is under scrutiny with near record-breaking fines being issued for a man and his cleaning company not paying staff. The man from Perth has been hit with $306,000 in fines for ripping off young overseas workers as well as underpaying australian citizens working for the company.

Judge Antoni Lucev presiding over the case has said “The court also observes that it is now almost notorious that there are significant pockets of non-compliance in relation to the payment of wages and entitlements, either at all or correctly, in the commercial cleaning industry,”

With numerous cases like these appearing throughout the industry and the government and the Fair Work Ombudsman are cracking down to protect the rights of workers throughout the industry.

Know your obligations and know the categories into which your workers fit. If you are unsure, consult a HR Professional to protect yourself. To see the Cleaning Services Award Click here.


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