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4.1 million Australians are affected by a foodborne illness each year. Foodborne illness can result in gastroenteritis, non-gastrointestinal illness (such as hepatitis), serious long-term health effects (such as reactive arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome), and occasionally death. Incidences of Salmonella and Campylobacter have increased according to recent studies. These species cause the most hospitalisations and Salmonella is also one of the organisms most likely to cause death.

Foodborne illnesses can arise at any stage of the production of food, from the farming of ingredients to preparation in the kitchen. But it is in the kitchen that the main challenges of food safety come about: kitchen cleanliness, determining whether foods are cooked to the required temperatures, storing food correctly and maintaining temperatures before serving are all key events in preventing foodborne illness.

It’s a business’ worst nightmare: a customer getting food poisoning. Not only does it damage the reputation of the business, but it can lead to litigation and even closure. Even questions about a business’ cleanliness can result in loss of customers and damage to the bottom line. It only takes a quick internet search to see that many restaurants in Australia have been shut down due to their involvement in food poisoning cases. When it’s not just a business’ reputation, but also its entire livelihood, that is at stake, it’s clear to see why more and more businesses are taking more definitive action to prevent foodborne illnesses within their teams and venues.

FoodSafe is an app that provides real-time accurate temperature monitoring, tracks the activity of kitchens and staff members, and provides live updates and notifications in the case of non-conformances. Whilst manually recording everything will work for some businesses, FoodSafe increases the accuracy of records, saves times, automates the process and increases the visibility of business performance in remote locations. It also ensures that you can be ready for an audit at any time.

Created based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines for food safety and hygiene practices, the FoodSafe system has implemented across Australia, The UK and US. It gives businesses the assurance that they are compliant with the law as well as increasing food quality. It has also received the endorsement of Food Auditors as a scheme to ensure correct records are completed and maintained. You can also create follow up actions based on any failed tests demonstrating due diligence and reducing the risk of illness. In the case of false foodborne illness claims, the business is completely protected and can show that they were not the source of the illness.

Using the mobile application via an Android or Apple smart device and the compatible Bluetooth temperature probe and temperature discs, you will get detailed reporting and analytics to show exactly what has happened at every stage of the food preparation process. Timestamps are automated so that you can see exactly when each task has been completed.

If a claim were to be made against your business, FoodSafe will provide evidence of the actions and measures taken to ensure food safety. A clear record of tasks with a date, timestamp and geolocation will show the exact temperatures recorded and whether they were food safety compliant. If the temperature goes above or below the standard safety levels, a notification will tell you what is wrong and help you to address it quickly. If a non-compliant temperature has been recorded, you should be able to remove the product from service before a customer can have contact with it and potentially become ill.

With so many people and organisations involved in ensuring the safety of food from those growing and farming it to the distributors and many more in between, it’s vital that your role in preparation can be shown to be in line with guidelines.

As well as food temperature checks, machine and hold temperatures and cleaning tasks can all be recorded. The geolocation details ensure proof of completion. Tasks can be assigned by managers from a remote location and real-time data updates will be returned. This empowers your staff with the responsibility of signing off their completed tasks as they move through the day and allows them to feel secure in the knowledge that they are protected should any claim be made. It also helps you to assess where employees might need training and reduces bad habits such as checking off tasks at the end of the day instead of as they are completed.

The system is already being used to great effect by the biggest theme park operator in Queensland, Australia. To set up FoodSafe, a business and systems analyst will examine the individual needs of your business. This ensures the best process for your team and venues so that from your first day of use FoodSafe improves the efficiency of your business and reduces manual workload across the organisation.

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