How To Get The Best Out Of Your Cleaners

We all like our workplace to be impeccable and spotless. A clean workplace is a major factor leading to a productive work environment. Thus, here are our hints to get the best out of your cleaners.

Lay Out a Schedule
You need to make sure you have everyone on the same page, so make a detailed list of your expectations and map them to the various tasks that need to be completed. Make sure you include how often the periodicity of the various tasks (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly) and also list those tasks that need to be done on an ad hoc basis.

Start a Paperless Office & Reduce the Impact on the Environment
A cleaner’s job becomes so much harder if they are constantly filling out paperwork and ensuring that this is returned to office administration at the end of each day/week. Paper also limits the readiness of data to supervisors and managers. For instance, it may be a week before a manager is notified that there was an issue on-site. Adopting a cloud-based, task completion software platform can save hours of labor each week in manual recording and administration. Not to mention it can have a huge impact on the environment and waste removal.


Complete the Biggest or Most Important Task First
It’s always most efficient and productive to have your cleaners complete the most difficult or less favorable task first. This could vary according to the importance of tasks or by location. Completing the most dreaded task at the start of the day will make the proceeding tasks seem easier and therefore your cleaners will be more productive in completing their remaining tasks for the day.

Proofread Your Contract, Get It In Writing
Make sure that everything that was verbally agreed is also documented in the contract between you and the client. If any verbal changes have been made, ensure that this is noted in writing and that the necessary contracts are updated accordingly.

Work Out the Best Time to Have Your Cleaner in the Office
Pick a quiet time when there are minimal people or distractions as this will be more productive and cleaners will be able to work more effectively. This minimizes cleaner lag time and ensures that task completion times are accurate for future budgeting and quoting of contracts. The Virtual Mgr SmartCleaner software platform ensures supervisors/managers have live access to cleaners tasks and can monitor completed tasks, timesheets and site issues in real-time.

If you’d like to learn how your cleaning operations can be streamlined to save you time, money and achieve greater control of your staff visit the SmartCleaner page for more information.

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