December 2017 – Feature Updates

The Virtual Manager team is always working on building innovative and practical new features to add value to our systems. We have three new exciting features for our existing applications and here’s how they can be helpful to you.

Product Ordering

Product ordering is essential when it comes to managing supplies/products for multiple sites. It can become messy and complicated managing stocktake processes and orders manually. We have seen this process in the industry being error prone, untimely, frustrating and being double/ triple handed from the end-user right through to the supplier. We have heard the cries of frustration from our clients and have the produced the solution – developing product ordering as a way to fast track these communications for you.

The workflow is simple:

  1. We add your product catalogs into our applications and create minimum stock levels for each product.
  2. These product catalogs can be different for each site or there can be multiple catalogs for one site if you use different suppliers.
  3. The end user will then have a scheduled task to complete either a routine stocktake or an order based on products needed.
  4. This order then gets sent through to management to approve to then communicated to the supplier. At any given time, management can view stocktakes that have been completed in real-time and the order history of sites.

See how efficient this feature can be? Schedule a demonstration with our team to kickstart streamlining your business processes today!

Wastage Tracking

“What is measured gets managed” – this is true for all businesses and we have come up with an automated solution to manage wastage. Much like product ordering, wastage can be a difficult process to manage, with documentation either not getting completed correctly, management not receiving the information or simply not having processes in place to manage wastage.

Our developers have come up with the solution with our Wastage Tracking Feature. This feature turns into a scheduled daily task to remind staff to record wastage for the day which works hand in hand with our stocktake feature with keeping track of product levels and quantities used for the day. Simply record quantities within the task with documenting the reason as to why the stock was wasted – was it out of date? Was it a faulty batch from the supplier? Was it human error? The wastage report then gets sent directly to management.

With this feature implemented, it gives management visibility of staff practices with stock, quantities of stock used, quantities of stock wasted, the reason as to why there was wastage and the insight to implement strategies to reduce wastage throughout the business.

Our wastage tracking tool will become management’s best friend with ability to crack down on the causes of wastage and to see, in dollars, how much it financially impacts the business weekly, monthly and annually. Get in touch with the team to arrange a demonstration and start seeing savings throughout your business.

Asset Maintenance and Compliance Management

Are you currently looking to cut costs from unnecessary spending on company assets or save money implementing an asset management system? Do you struggle with keeping track of your asset inventory or keeping up with preventative maintenance requirements? Are you needing to adhere to strict compliance guidelines or needing to produce asset history reports for your clients or a registered authority? If so, then this is the solution for you!

Virtual Manager have been tracking vehicle maintenance and managing vehicle compliance since 2015 in the petroleum industry, and saw the opportunity to benefit clients all over the globe. Manage asset details, certification/ inspection requirements and maintenance history with our comprehensive asset management tool.


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