Commercial Cleaning Companies Use Cutting Edge Technology to Get Optimum Results

In the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in technology and innovation in every industry. Commercial cleaning is no exception. There is an increase in demand for better service, which in turn requires better practices, methods, and supplies. As a successful commercial cleaning business will need to stay up to date with the current trends. A smart way to get potential clients to choose their business over others is to be quick to implement technological advancements. New opportunities are being created in the cleaning industry as technology advances. This, in turn, allows commercial cleaning companies to stay ahead of their competitors.


Better Technology, Better Outcome for Commercial Cleaning

There are plenty of technological options to choose from. Training modules are now being used everywhere to train commercial cleaners on industrial-standard cleaning practices. iPhones and iPads are used to perform inspections and check which areas need extra attention.

Software applications such as SmartCleaner are specially designed for commercial cleaning companies or organizations with cleaning staff. They can now remotely manage their workforce and monitor task completion across multiple locations to utilize staff and resources efficiently. Managers have the ability to monitor staff efficiencies via the intuitive Dashboard. This data can then be used for greater staff utilization in order to cut labor costs and determine forecasts for future contracts. SmartCleaner enables field workers to report maintenance issues and supervisors to conduct audits, at the touch of a button. Pictures of completed work can be taken and stored to improve contract renewals and demonstrate value to management. With automated reporting, clients can receive detailed analytics that proves tasks were completed at any given location with accurate time durations.

These small changes can make a huge difference to clients that are looking for best results and pricing. For those companies to whom profit is just one of the many key performance indicators, a cleaning company that can accommodate all their needs (especially being environmentally friendly), will be more successful.


Green Products for a Cleaner World

Vigorous cleaning can make the place look spotless, but the harsh chemicals that are used to do this are becoming less common. More and more companies are taking up Green initiatives. Working with a company that offers green products can help in leaving a smaller carbon footprint and improve their reputability in the eyes of customers. Earlier this year, Commercial Director at Virtual Mgr, Joshua Lumley spoke with the founder of Tersano, Nora Potter about their chemical-free, water-based cleaning solution. Not only is Tersano better for the environment, it is also proven to eliminate odors and save significant costs that would otherwise be spent on chemical solutions.


Get Out There and Start Winning More Cleaning Contracts!

With a proper staff management software platform such as SmartCleaner automatically managing your day-to-day business, commercial cleaning companies now have the time and opportunity to get out there to negotiate and bid for more cleaning contracts. The only way their business is going to grow is if they are actively seeking new opportunities and applying for those bigger jobs that challenge them as a business owner or manager. To learn more about how to automate cleaning operations and grow a larger commercial cleaning business get in touch with the Virtual Manager team today!

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