5 Tech Tips for Commercial Cleaning Companies to Cut Costs by 30%

1. Get on the cloud

An office on average will consume 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Not only is this bad for the environment but it also involves an incredible amount of manual handling between staff, a higher chance for human error and also costs time and money to process and store. By switching to a cloud-based system, businesses can reduce time and money spent on completing manual paperwork, minimize labor on administration & data entry and be able to view data in real-time to make better decisions about their business.

2. Use existing hardware

Most businesses assume that implementing a system to manage their operations will require significant upfront expenditure and time to implement. Wrong! It is estimated that there are approximately 2 billion smartphone users across the globe. That equates to over ¼ of the total population having access to one of these devices. Commercial cleaning companies can leverage from this increased use personal technology by allowing cleaners and supervisors to use their devices to manage their day-to-day tasks and report back to management.

3. Plan your cleaner’s tasks efficiently

It is often the case that cleaners are assigned daily tasks without proper planning of their daily routine or mapping out their scheduled tasks. By using a proper cleaner management system, commercial cleaning companies can ensure that they are maximizing the utilization of each cleaner. This will also reduce the time it takes to clean a site by prioritizing and assigning tasks to various cleaners if one has completed all of their assigned tasks for the day before another. Work smarter, not harder.

4. Use software as a tool for contract negotiations

Whether it be a contract renewal or application for a new cleaning tender, we are seeing a shift where clients are requesting proof of quality and work completion as a component of the contract/tender application. Clients such as shopping centers, body corporates, and office buildings are always seeking to get more out of their cleaning contract. Hence, we are seeing a growing trend of these organizations requesting reporting and proof that their commercial cleaning requests have been fulfilled and that the quality is maintained at a high standard. With this being a major decider for contracts following price negotiation, it is vital that you have a proper operational system that accounts for these requests. Not only will it benefit you when renegotiating existing contracts, it will also give you a competitive advantage above other commercial cleaning companies when applying for new contracts/tenders.

5. Use tech to better communicate with staff

We often find that in the commercial cleaning world there is a lack of communication and transparency between cleaners, supervisors, and management. With everyone being so busy each day, certain issues, ideas or improvements don’t get passed on to the relevant person. By using technology, cleaners can easily report issues, alert when something important occurs and inform supervisors or what is happening on the site. Similarly, supervisors can see where cleaners are currently located and what tasks they are completing throughout their day to get an overall snapshot of their staff across multiple sites. In turn, managers can then obtain reports that summarize these activities and provide greater insights into average job completion times & accurate time sheets to achieve greater budgeting control.

Are you looking to reduce your labor costs, obtain more accurate timesheets and increase the number of cleaning contracts you win? Many of our clients have seen a saving of up to 24% just in labor costs alone from using our software platform, SmartCleaner. Get in touch with myself or the friendly team at Virtual Manager and see our website to learn how our SmartCleaner platform can streamline your operations to not only save you time and money but bring in more revenue and contracts.


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