The Secret to Boosting Productivity and Reducing Costs with Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a critical component of a medical institution’s financial accountability. While asset tracking generally relates to financial capital, it also has a large role to play in tracking physical capital assets – those fixed or mobile assets that play a vital role in the everyday functioning of a hospital. Managing and protecting valuable mobile medical equipment with a location platform will enable the healthcare facilities to generate cost-savings and lead to efficiency related gains.

Boosts Efficiency

Hospitals, in general, are spread across a large area and locating a specific equipment can be like navigating through a maze. Knowledge of the exact location of the equipment will help your staff effectively serve patients in a timely manner. Using a wireless technology system such as FindMyAsset, which can record real-time status and location of the equipment will help reduce the amount of time your staff spends in maintaining, delivering, cleaning and searching for equipment. A more streamlined workflow will boost overall job satisfaction and help clinicians do their job without having to worry about misplaced equipment.

Asset Tracking Can Cut Costs

Hospitals are faced with high maintenance costs for replacing lost equipment. A large amount of time is wasted in searching for misplaced equipment resulting in a loss of productivity. Using an asset tracking solution like FindMyAsset can increase equipment utilization and lower shrinkage rates. Making use of asset tracking beacons will help cut back on equipment replacement costs and save on staff labor.

Enhances Patient Outcomes and Experience

Utilization of resources can be optimized by reducing time wasted in searching for equipment. Trying to locate your assets using conventional methods like paper and wired technology can be time-consuming and cumbersome and not always yield desired results. Cutting-edge options such as asset tracking beacons will deliver perfect location accuracy, give immediate access to equipment and reduce wait time.

Aid to Better Decision Making

You can gain a higher level of operational insight on inventory being used, their location and the status of the equipment (eg. Bed #1234 is being used by patient ‘X’ or is located in Room #432 and is vacant. The system can also track par levels and equipment process cycles with powerful, visually-driven analytics.

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