How to Boost Staff Morale & Productivity with This One Simple Strategy

Over the last few months, I have been busy working with commercial cleaning managers and business owners to completely transform the way they operate their business and staff. The key thing that I have learned is that any change firstly must start at the top before it can properly be filtered down the hierarchy and reach productivity.

Firstly, you must have a manager or business owner that is consistently looking to improve their business and grow in all areas, not just profits. Secondly, a manager must have a driver. And no I don’t mean a chauffeur. I’m talking about someone who is willing to take the objectives of the business and drive the team to achieve real results. This often can be the manager/business owner or more likely an area manager or supervisor. Thirdly, you need staff who take pride in their work, thrive to learn and achieve results. Now you’re probably thinking well that doesn’t sound like my staff, but that is where you are wrong. All staff wants the ability to be the best that they can and to develop in their role but they also need to feel a part of something larger than just their job, they need to be engaged by their employers. When all of these three components align as one, the results are limitless.

One of the key issues in businesses today is a lack of communication. We have become more technologically advanced than ever before and have access to devices that are a simple click away from speaking to another person. Yet, we are communicating less and no longer engaging with one another. My recommendation is always to get to know your staff and know them personally. By simply saying “Hi” and asking a cleaner how their weekend was you have instantly opened up the doors of communication and ability for them to see you on a level other than their manager or boss.

At a company I had previously consulted with, the managing director knew the name of every staff member on the site and was able to recall personal recounts that they had previously shared with him. They had over 50 cleaners. Not only did they respect him as an employer, they saw him as a leader for their entire team and the company. This one small initiative alone by the business owner resulted in a significant increase in staff productivity and morale. It also reduced their staff turnover as the cleaners were more than satisfied with their working conditions, which in turn, reduced training costs and the burden of hiring new staff.

In summary, if you wish to increase the productivity and morale of your staff you need to be able to discover what it is that motivates them to achieve greatness. For the company I previously stated, it was a simple “Hi, how are you?” and taking the time to listen. For you, it might be something different. In today’s society, it is easy to forget the small things as we are all so busy and involved in our work lives. We implemented our software platform, SmartCleaner at this site to further assist management in communicating with their staff and to empower them to report back to management. Within two months the company had already seen a return on their investment and found that the reasonable monthly fee was already paying for itself with accurate time sheets, increased staff productivity and efficiently managing daily task completion.

If you would like to reduce the costs associated with your cleaning operations and maximize the efficiency and morale of your workforce, feel free to reach out to me or the Virtual Manager team to discuss further.

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