The 3 Biggest Benefits Delivered by Virtual Mgr

For our inaugural post on the new site, we’re going to keep things simple and on-point and take a look at the three biggest benefits delivered by the Virtual Mgr software platform.  From the point of view of a facilities administrator or director of EVS services at healthcare facilities of virtually any size, this is in a nutshell exactly why you should learn more about VM, and whether it may be a good fit for you and your organization.  So, what are the 3 biggest benefits the software delivers?

  • Substantial Cuts in Operating Expenses

Probably the most substantial benefit Virtual Mgr offers facilities is the opportunity to massively cut their operating expenses on a day to day basis.  More effectively managing your labor pool can often result in 10-15% savings on your daily payroll, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial benefits Virtual Mgr delivers.  You’ll also increase your reimbursement payment rates by increasing your HCAHPS score, lower your insurance premiums by documenting your efforts to prevent the spread of infection, and your staff will simply spend less time performing their job functions as you optimize procedures and distribute training.

  • Easy to Utilize to Full Potential

If you have ever invested in a technology upgrade that sits largely unused shortly after purchase due to difficulties with installation, configuration, training, or operation, the team at Virtual Mgr feels your pain.  That’s why they have invested untold effort in creating what is, hands-down, the simplest facilities management system to operate and use on the face of the Earth – even for people who have little to no experience using technology, computers, or smart devices.  Training is an absolute snap, and even your least experienced staff members will be operating the platform like professionals within just a few days.

  • Powerful & Versatile Feature Set

Last but not least, you will be pleased to discover that Virtual Mgr has tools to assist you with virtually every aspect of your job managing a healthcare facility.  Above and beyond the features you would expect in a platform like this, such as attendance tracking, task lists, and communications features, you’ll also find a cornucopia of other functionality that can help make your life easier.  VM contains a Policies and Procedures module that can enable you to say goodbye to time-consuming and disruptive classroom training sessions forever.  It’s got an Auditing & Compliance module that can cut the recordkeeping and administrative time required for TJC compliance by 50% or more.  Basically, if you can think of a function that would help make managing your staff or facility easier, it’s already likely a core feature of the Virtual Mgr platform.
As you can see, Virtual Mgr the potential to impact every aspect of an environmental services or maintenance department in a positive way, which will directly translate to money saved for your organization; in fact, most clients find that the software literally pays for itself within months of deployment.  To learn more about their product, or to schedule a live demonstration of their software, contact the team at Virtual Mgr today.

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