Why It’s Important To Ask ‘Why’ In Business

Richard Branson recently wrote a blog post mentioning Simon Sinek’s famous “Starting With Why” Theory. The theory has been out for several years, and Branson’s post is a timely reminder for businesses to regularly ask themselves “WHY”.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it

Look at the success of Apple’s product line, driven by a desire to think differently, create beautiful products and delight users. Their why is what sets them apart from many other electronics companies.
Having a resounding why means that potential customers know they will receive an experience consistent with your why.

The importance of your why

When your entire company knows why you’re in business, your why becomes a filter for difficult decisions, making them clearer and more value-centric as you focus on what makes your company unique in your marketplace.

Practical Business Applications

If you were choosing between 2 vendors of the same price; one who simply produced the product you need as a spinoff of a larger product, and another vendor who also produced the product you need, but believed in the products value to customers, and it’s ability to genuinely make a difference in the marketplace. This belief permeated all their communications and enthusiasm when dealing with their product. Which vendor would you choose?

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