Advantages of Food Safety Management Technologies

Food safety professionals are faced with several challenges that mainly centre around providing consumers with safe and premium quality food. Whilst at the same time managing costs and maintaining profitability. On the safety front, challenges occur predominantly in the form of compliance. With ever-expanding regulatory, non-regulatory and customer-based requirements, challenges revolve around keeping the quality of food in line with key performance indicators (KPIs). At the same time, you need to maintain consistency and quality to protect your brand and keep customers coming back for more. To achieve both safety and quality assurance, food suppliers are turning to emerging software technology in increasing numbers. The main goal of food safety technology is to create efficiencies. This ensures that you are in compliance along every point in the supply chain whilst also ensuring your customers are pleased.

Here are the key areas where technology is used:

Real-time Data

Wireless food temperature monitoring and task delegation can be achieved using FoodSafe technology. Wireless temperature probes are used to verify that food items and drinks are in safe temperature ranges and are HACCP compliant.

Automated Food Safety Schedules

Automation of schedules is vital for all food safety related tasks. This includes alerts when tasks are accidentally missed, ensuring that critical control points and quality standards are met so that you can be compliant with every regulation.

Performance Analysis

All data and documentation, including the name of the employee, food item, production data, expiry dates, corrective action taken, and product testing, are time stamped and available for audit readiness, benchmarking, and performance analysis.

Finished Product Communication

All finished product notifications and other appropriate data can be sent to customers automatically. Reviews can be completed at the click of a button and real-time alerts can be sent to enterprise resource planning systems or shipping departments.

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