Eliminate food safety hazards & reduce exposure.

Wireless food temperature monitoring and task delegation application. Ensuring automated HACCP/Food Safety compliance for Marine vessels.

Remain HACCP compliant

Sea food checks

Reduce manual workload

Manage staff and task assignment remotely

Reduction in risk/insurance

Delivery Checks

48 million Americans and 4.1 million Australians are affected by a foodborne illness each year.

FoodSafe Marine empowers leadership to ensure safe food practices are maintained even when supervision is not nearby. Ensuring the safety and quality of your seafood and high-risk foods has never been more important. We know you want assurance that your food meets recall requirements, and has been handled safely to prevent bacteria, toxins and parasites.

Food Safety

A clear process is required in order to ensure that all goods procured are accounted for and can be traced. The most common issues surrounding deliveries are out-of-temp or damaged deliveries, which directly impact food quality and safety.

FoodSafe Marine will help you identify issues and help you trace the damaged and incorrect goods.

FoodSafe Marine allows for rapid recording of:

  1. Delivery
  2. Cook Temperature
  3. Cooling Logs
  4. Storage Temperature
  5. Refrigerator Temperature
  6. Serving Temperature
  7. Regular Cleaning Duties
  8. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Food Safety

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