Boost facility quality standards and obtain real labor cost savings with HealthClean.

The complete software solution to maintain the highest hospital standards and remotely manage daily employee schedules in real-time.

Increase the quality & cleanliness of facilities for customer satisfaction

Assign daily tasks to employees in real-time and track location to delegate high priority tasks to nearest staff members

Manage staff and task assignment remotely to reduce manual workload

Increase staff efficiencies and labor productivity to slash labor expenses

Obtain detailed metrics/data with advanced reporting

Built in procedural documentation to educate staff as they work, no more manual documentation

HealthClean is a powerful software platform for hospitals that allows management, supervisors and staff to efficiently manage their operations. Supervisors delegate set tasks to staff that need to be completed for the day and can shift tasks from cleaner to cleaner with a simple click and drag.


High priority tasks (such as spills) can be instantly delegated to nearby staff based on their location. Staff log maintenance issues on our user-friendly interface for the relevant maintenance department to resolve.

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Faster training
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Savings on labor
74 %
Lower staff turnover

HealthClean empowers management to measure staff performance and efficiencies with advanced reporting and make key decisions to improve their operations. Supervisors can focus less on administration and more on efficiently managing their team and daily workflow.


Training of tasks is made simple with the built-in eLearning component along with policy and procedural manuals to ensure the facility is compliant.

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Discover how HealthClean can transform your environmental service operations, increase quality standards and produce real labor cost savings to your facilities.