Track the location of an asset in seconds, at the touch of a button with FindMyAsset.

Determine, where, when and how your assets were last used within your facility.

Track location of assets in real-time

Reduce theft/misplacement of equipment

Significantly reduce equipment replacement costs

Preventative maintenance & workflow schedules

Improve utilization of existing assets, save on labor and boost client satisfaction

FindMyAsset uses your existing staff’s smart devices such as a smartphone or tablet to find and determine the last known location of an asset. Beacons as small as a matchbox are fixed to a piece of equipment and your asset register is updated in real-time as nurses and team members move around your facility.

Installation is as simple as downloading the Virtual Mgr app on your network of devices and attaching the beacon to the relevant asset.

Integrated user interface and advanced reporting

Multiple sensor inputs (movement, temperature, floor-level & battery monitoring)

Exit/entry sensors with instant alerts when equipment leaves/enters the building

Low energy Bluetooth technology with extended battery life

Utilize your existing team of devices and avoid outrageous costs on infrastructure of hard-wired systems. Determine where and when an asset was last detected to improve preventative maintenance, asset utilization, reduce theft and avoid lost time spent searching for assets.

Discover simple asset management

Learn more about how FindMyAsset can transform the way you manage assets and equipment within your organization.