Read, agree, learn and sign off..electronically.

Cloud-based, automated compliance and education for your workforce. Pre-set policies and procedures for your industry are only a click away.

Minimise your liability by ensuring every employee remains compliant

Avoid expensive legal fees involved in establishing HR policies

Abide by Fair Work guidelines and avoid fines up to $54,000

Know what documents to give employees and when

Train staff remotely with customised eLearning modules & assessments

HrComply is the complete, ready-to-go human resource management solution for all organisations small to large. Forget paper storage and individual files for employees. HrComply manages your workforce online where employees read, agree and electronically sign off on company policies and procedures.


Eliminate unnecessary and expensive legal fees by selecting from your very own library of documents.

Receive instant alerts when an employee is no longer compliant or an expiration date has been reached and send immediate alerts to staff when a new policy or procedure must be completed. HrComply ensures you as the employer are abiding by Fair Work guidelines, reducing your exposure and risk to fines of up to $54,000. Employee records are stored securely online and are instantly accessible for auditing and inspections.


Our online eLearning modules & assessment automates the training process of new staff and existing staff for new procedures. Engage staff with interactive content that can be accessed via phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Get started today.

Forget ongoing legal fees, exposure to Fair Work fines and manually handling human resources documentation. Automate your HR policies, procedures and training with HrComply.