About Us

Powerful software for smart business

Virtual Manager is a software company that develops innovative software platforms for businesses to resolve issues such as employee mismanagement, task delegation, labor inefficiencies and asset theft/misplacement. Our software applications ensure that employers are completely compliant within their industry, ultimately minimizing their risk and exposure.

We serve a range of industries including commercial cleaning, dangerous goods, environmental services (hospitals), hospitality, human resources, local councils and strata management. Virtual Manager is currently situated in two offices, one on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and the other in Rochester in New York, United States of America.

Our mission is to create cutting-edge applications to solve real business issues in the simplest way possible. Our vision is to be the leading software company for workforce and operational management across the globe.

Our team consists of a diverse range of expert professionals with years of experience in consultancy and technology. We all share the appreciation for strategic insights and workflow optimization made possible via technological advances and analysis of critical data.

We are focused on delivering real, measurable results to clients in their industry. We provide the tools for businesses to analyze the crucial elements of their operations in order to resolve problems from the bottom up to drive strategic decisions.

Executive Team

  • Anil Patel
    Anil Patel Chief Executive Officer
  • Neil Fillingham
    Neil Fillingham Chief Information Officer
  • Steve Fillingham
    Steve Fillingham Chief Technology Officer
  • Tony Morocco
    Tony Morocco Chief Executive Officer
    North America
  • Richard Holliday
    Richard Holliday Head of Government Relations
    • Georgia Rissman
      Georgia Rissman Business Analyst & Helpdesk Manager
      • Dan Walker
        Dan Walker Head of Legal
        • Jacques Kouevi
          Jacques Kouevi VP of Growth and Innovation
          • Megan Ellaway
            Megan Ellaway Customer Success Manager
            • Patrick Dill
              Patrick Dill Implementation Specialist
              Northeast Region
              • Nicole Zuzik
                Nicole Zuzik Accountant
                • Pinakin Bhadeshiya
                  Pinakin Bhadeshiya Product Implementation Supervisor
                • Craig Johnston
                  Craig Johnston FoodSafe Executive
                  • Raneen Hasan
                    Raneen Hasan Director of Implementation
                    • Lyle Chua
                      Lyle Chua Business Analyst
                      • Glen Emmanuel Lasco
                        Glen Emmanuel Lasco Business Analyst
                        • Liza Crocco
                          Liza Crocco Implementation Specialist
                          Midwest Region
                          • Henry He
                            Henry He Senior Analyst
                            • Leslie E. Villacampa
                              Leslie E. Villacampa Lead Business Analyst
                              • Michael Robertson
                                Michael Robertson Implementation Specialist
                                Southeast Region
                                • Cynthia Castro
                                  Cynthia Castro IMPLEMENTATION SPECIALIST
                                  SOUTHWEST REGION
                                  • Al Ross
                                    Al Ross Accountant
                                    • Joel Linga
                                      Joel Linga Business Analyst
                                      • Kenneth Balasabas
                                        Kenneth Balasabas Business Analyst
                                        • Joey Liu
                                          Joey Liu Junior Developer
                                          • Joseph Bonsall
                                            Joseph Bonsall Implementation Engineer

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